Salt Art

Caroline Bergvall

Caroline Bergvall is a French-Norwegian writer and artist working across media, languages and art-forms, based in London since 1989. Her projects alternate between installations, live performances, sound and audioworks, books and printed texts, as well as net-based pieces.


On 23 August 2015, at 9am in the morning, Bergvall presented Watchman (68°12’N), a special time and site-specific performance at SALT, which invited the audience to call in the day as a communal experience.

Watchman (68°12’N) is part of Bergvall’s ongoing work Raga Dawn, a sunrise vocal performance performed outdoors from the last hours of night until the very early morning during the Summer months, to accompany and celebrate the rising of day.

From May – September 2016, Bergvall performed Raga Dawn as a travelling trajectory at some 10 European sites of varying latitudes. The piece changed according to the length of the sunrise, from twilight to the first rays of the sun. The composition is an open and changing cycle of time-specific vocal and instrumental pieces, written for two voices (spoken and sung).

Watchman (68°12’N) was performed on the beach at SALT, from the very early hours of the morning until the sun reached over the mountain and down to the beach. Celebrating the rise of day, the piece releases serenity and a spirit of hope, collective openness and amorous connectedness. It explores sounds and structures from mantra morning traditions to create vibratory connections between the two live voices and the very sparse frequency-based sound design. Passing birds» songs, solar winds and meteoric showers are invited into the open composition.

The title Watchman (68°12’N) is loosely inspired by the early medieval European morning poetry, the «alba», in which secret passionate lovers are warned by the watchman, their accomplice, that dawn is calling in and that they soon need to separate.

Here, the collective spirit of the performance also calls up the large rhythmic seasonal and diurnal patterns that re-connect beings to their bodies, to their surroundings.

Artistic team:

Lead artist: Caroline Bergvall
Singing voice: Anouk Molendijk
Sound design: David Scrufari
Dramaturgy: Michèle Pralong

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