Sauna @ SALT

Sauna @ SALT

Sauna Árdna

The Árdna sauna is SALT´s largest sauna and has a capacity of 120 people. The sauna is kept open for drop-in guests every Saturday 17.00-22.00, with paid admission (NOK 200,-), towels, drinks and refreshments available in the bar inside the Árdna. There is 2 tubs of cold water available outside during sauna sessions, both fresh and salt water. The Sherry barrel presented below is also part of the sauna session. It is possible to rent towels and buy admission in the bar.

Sauna Naustet

The Naustet sauna has a max capacity of 8 people. It can be booked for private 2-hour sessions. Larger groups can book it, but should not expect to all fit inside at the same time. During a session there is a small changing room and a shower available that is closed off from the main area of Naustet. Guests have a small window directly into the bar for ordering refreshments if they want to keep it private or have the option using the fireplace and bar in main area as well.

Tickets must be booked in advance from Ticketco.

Sauna Sherry-barrel

Outside the Árdna building there is a 6000-litre sherry barrel that is converted to a sauna. Normally the Sherry-barrel and the corresponding cold tubs are only available during the Saturday sauna sessions as part of the Árdna experience.