Programme & tickets

Programme & tickets

SALT is a celebration of culture – creative, historical, environmental and communal – that brings together art, music, food and architecture in unprecedented surroundings.

You can preorder ticket to Naustet viseklubb, concerts, club nights, events or sauna in Naustet, Cigar or Ardna at

NORD – Polar Soundtracks (Free admission) 

Free admission to Nord – Polar Soundtracks (Jana Winderen and Signe Lidén) in Ardna every Sunday 11.00-15.00.

Elapses (by Lidén) is a new commission by SALT that also can be listened to in the Arctic Pyramid as a composition for 16 speakers, from 23.00 to 11.00 each day.

How to get here? It’s a 5 minutes walk from Oslo Central Station. Follow the harbor promenade in direction Vippetangen. The closest location on GPS is Langkaia 1.