SALT Arena

SALT Arena

SALT is a nomadic art project currently situated on Oslo’s shoreline, overlooking the city’s famous Opera House. On an area of 5000 square metres, SALT comprises several spectacular wooden constructions. Árdna, the fish rack The Arctic Pyramid, Langhuset and the cosy boat house Naustet make SALT a unique venue for cultural events, reflection and nightlife. The broad program includes concerts, art projects, talks, panel discussions and family activities five days a week. Throughout the year, you can also relax in the sauna and enjoy good drinks and food from the ocean. Welcome, all people of the sea!

How to get here? It’s a 5 minutes walk from Oslo Central Station. Follow the harbor promenade in direction Vippetangen. The closest location on GPS is Langkaia 1.



Here you can attend concerts or go clubbing with friends, celebrate with your colleagues, attend art exhibitions and debates – or get together with the extended family. In the Viking age, Langhuset was a traditional farmhouse with people living in one part and farm animals in the other. This means the residents were close to their livestock, and in the wintertime, the animals were a source of heat. Our Langhuset is constructed like a fish rack, created for big events.

Langhuset can accommodate 400 guests. Food can also be served. To rent Langhuset, please contact



Árdna is a Sami concept meaning “hidden treasure”, a place with a treasure or something valuable. It is a place that must be listened to and respected – a room for some slow and quiet time.

Naustet / The Boat House


Our café/bar is partly built of driftwood found along the seashore, and furnished with details that may remind you of your old grandmother’s cosy living room. Here, you can lean back and imagine how the boat was tarred before putting out to sea or you can go clubbing in the weekend. The stove is crackling, the pot is boiling and the coffee tastes good.

Naustet / The Boat House also has its own wood-burning sauna that may be rented for groups of up to twelve people. To rent the sauna, please contact

The Arctic Pyramid


As you stroll along the Bjørvika shoreline from the Oslo Opera House towards Vippetangen Port, you will find yourself walking under a gigantic fish rack. The Arctic Pyramid is majestic, towering like an open tunnel over the seaside promenade. In the north, the fish rack is used to dry fish. SALT intends to fill it with art, culture and our many visitors.