In collaboration with the The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute we are presenting Kaarina Kaikkonen's massive installation “We Are Still The Same” in the Arctic Pyramid and in collaboration with Høstutstillingen we are presenting Pøbel & Vardø Restored's project “New Chapter”, a mobile library rebuilt in a Ural-4320, Russian military truck.

You are invited to walk through Kaikkonen's tunnel of shirts and to warm up by the stove in Pøbel's modified Russian army vehicle. This is for free. This is to feel free, to touch the fabric of a shirt reminding you of someone, to scroll and smell through old Russian books. Kaikkonen and Pøbel bring the reminiscent of people's lives from distant places and times. The tattered and torn everyday objects are framing the view of a prosperous Oslo, allowing us to spend time and find our own traces.

Bring your family, your friends, your lunchbox, your books, your daydreams. Write or draw in Pøbel's guestbook, rest on the reindeer-skins in the army van after work. Extend the experience to a low trechold retreat, in the middle of Oslo, with Sauna Sessions during the weekends. 

Do touch the artworks.


“We are still the same”
Kaarina Kaikkonen (Fi) 
20. September – 

“In every shirt there is a story, because someone with a warm heart has been wearing it. All kind of people are together here, but we are still the same, we are no wiser than fish. We still act like fish, always going in a group, following each other in the same direction, like a shoal of fish. We are a part of nature, and nature is within us.” Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen 

Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen (f. 1952) has transformed sites in large scale internationally with personal garments since 1987. Hand in hand, 1200 shirts from people in Finland and Oslo are connected in the installation ‘We are still the same’ on the Arctic Pyramide Structure. Her work is presented in collaboration with The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

Photo: Endre Lohne

Photo: Endre Lohne


Komafest: New Chapter - Library (2015-2018)
By Pøbel and Vardø Restored
8. SEPTEMBER – november

Komafest: New Chapter is one of 110 artworks that have been accepted this year for the State Art Exhibition, Høstutstillingen. Specifically, it's a mobile library rebuilt in a Ural-4320, Russian military truck. The building materials for which originate from 40 buildings and homes have already been or will be demolished in the small fishing village of Teriberka, Russia. This material has been made available as a result of an ongoing forced relocation process. Teriberka is a community on the coast of the Barents Sea, which has a strong historical link to Vardø via the Pomor trade. This Library is part of a larger site-specific project that has been ongoing for three years, the initial concept for which was conceived by Pøbel in 2015. It has evolved over time and is now a collaboration between Pøbel, placemakers Vardø Restored. The core of the books in the library have been salvaged from the abandoned school and supplemented with material donated by community in Teriberka. The process of building the library, has a symbolic value as a meeting point for people from Vardø and Teriberka. Both communities, as a result of privitization, are gradually losing the right and opportunity to live from local resources. This is a story with a local voice but with a global perspective. The library is the starting point for the exchange of experiences and understanding of common challenges. Teriberka is a case study and possible future scenario for what can happen to local communities around the world when traditional living and industry disappear in favor of major external and commercial interests. In other words, the library is a mobile archive of a Teriberka's history and culture that is disappearing. The processes itself of building and community engagement can help to renew an awareness and pride about local cultural heritage. A Komafest, to awaken a future confidence and momentum in the local community and hope for a new chapter.