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Sauna session: Delish


This weekend we invite you to dance and sweat with Delish on Saturday. They will play from 7pm to 8pm and make sure your evening starts off with a blast and great tunes! On Sunday we take it down a notch and have our sauna calm and cozy for you to recover after dancing through the night.

We’ve all felt the need to escape, explore and grow. With their self-produced debut, Norwegian duo Delish sensitively depicts the uplifting feeling of relief and catapulting clarity experienced upon finding one's own inner eden. With layers of synthesizers, underlined by a heart-pounding groove and waif-like, spare vocals emit a nerve-sparkling inner glow, a private form of dance music. The duo’s electronic sound is organic - Garner's vocal and text balances between personal and universal, and the recognizable strains of Lindvalls synthesizers succeeds in being both minimalist and effortlessly magnificent. Like an aural road-movie, Eden projects directly onto the listener’s own inner screen.

Welcome to Sauna Session in our largest sauna, Árdna. The bathing ritual has been an important part of the Nordic way of life for a long time. Our sauna has a pleasant temperature of 60°C. Outside, you can enjoy a 7000 litre aquavit barrel that is converted to a sauna of 80-90°C and two cold baths as well as a shower. There are two dressing rooms, one for women and one for men. Fully licenced bar, and fresh food can be ordered in both Naustet and Árdna. Bathing suits are required and we recommend you bring your own flip-flops since the floor in the sauna may be hot.

Sauna Session can include performance by authors, poets, musicians, DJs, slam poetry, performance artists or sound works. See program on for more info.

SALT Art - Music is located across the water from the Opera.
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Book your spa treatment at and get sauna for half the price.

Adults: 195kr
Under 15yrs: half price

Tickets at TicketCo.