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New Year Cacao Celebration


For centuries humans from different heritage have gathered in celebration, rituals, ceremonies to mark the end and beginning of a new time. In the name of old traditions and rituals, we invite you to an evening we dedicate to self inquiry, self care, celebration and lots of dance.
New Years Eve is especially a time to celebrate, as we leave behind the passed year and transition into the new year with intent and in beauty.

Why Cacao? Because Drinking Cacao is like drinking liquid love. 
Also because Cacao opens our hearts and makes our bodies smile. Pluss we want to wake up 01.01.2019 filled with love, energy and a night we remembered, ready to start the Year.

New Year Eve has its own known theme: Glitter and masquerade Ball glam

20:30 Sauna Meditation (New Years Ocean Swim?)
21:00 Put that Glitter & Glam on
21:30 Cacao Ceremony with intent setting 
22:00-00:00 Dance!

DJ and all our amazing partners to be announced. 

300 kr (until 15.12)
350 kr (after 15.12)
100 kr Only for New Years Meditation in Sauna (20:30-21:30)
Find tickets here.

Arriving on time means before it starts.
You may only participate in the cacao Celebration, or join the Sauna before. Or just the Sauna.

Fasting is not necessary but we recommend staying away from coffee, dairy products and heavy food 2 hours prior. First timers should eat lightly prior, nausea might occur.

For centuries the Mayans have used Cacao to celebrate life and transition. It is know to both relax and give you energy, open your heart and gives you a big smile on your face and in your body.
We will drink ceremonial cacao from Peru.
The Cacao will contain coconut sugar, coconut milk/ oat milk, spices and adaptogen herbs
Allergies? Let us know.

Its celebration time, so pamper yourself in glam and glitter. Masks are great!
If you feel best in your sweatpants, we will love you in that too.
We have a salong with biodegradable glitter.

Delicious gluten free treats, mocktails and snacks available, not included in price.

This is a alcohol and drug-free event.
High on love & life.

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