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Sauna session: Árdna Ambient presenterer Bjørn Tomren (5PM and 6.30PM)


This Sunday we invite you to an ambient concert with Bjørn Tomren from 5-5.30pm and 6.30-7pm. Come along and enjoy this calm and cosy Sunday in the sauna!

Tomren is famous for his throat singing and is known from projects like Polkabjørn & Kleine Heine, Holland & Tomren poporkester and more. His fascination for throat singing started during a collaboration with the overtone singer Tran Quang Hai in 2008, and continued after he worked with the throat singing quartet Huun Huur Tu in 2009. Since then he's done a lot of exciting project and won prizes for his throat singing skulls. He recently released his debut album Bad Science Fiction, which is "dystopian slow country for people who's crank". There's no doubt he'll deliver some excellent, sweaty throat singing in Árdna, only accompanied by guitar.

Welcome to Sauna Session in our largest sauna, Árdna. The bathing ritual has been an important part of the Nordic way of life for a long time. Our sauna has a pleasant temperature of 60°C. We'll also open Skroget, with a temperature of 70-80°C, if you need a harder steam. Outside, you can enjoy a 7000 litre aquavit barrel that is converted to a sauna of 80-90°C and two cold baths as well as a shower. Wardrobes are right outside Árdna.

Sauna Session often includes a performance by authors, poets, musicians, DJs, slam poets, performance artists or sound works. Check out our program on for more info.

Bring your own towel or rent one in the bar for 50,-. You can also buy a padlock for 50,- if you don’t bring your own. Bathing suits are required in the sauna and we recommend you bring your own flip-flops since the floor can be hot. Please note that you're not allowed to bring your own alcohol. We have a fully licensed bar. Guests under 18 years are not allowed in the sauna in Árdna during the 6-9pm session.

SALT Art - Music is located across the water from the Opera.

Adults: 195kr/3hr
SALT sauna members: 100kr/3hr
Students: 150kr/3hr

The pre-sale will stop at 3pm on the day of the sauna session, but tickets can be bought in the reception area if the session isn't fully booked. The last chance to enter the sauna sessions is 45min before each session ends.

Any extra activites during sauna sessions, like DJs, concerts, performances etc., is an addition to the sauna experience, not an event in itself. When you're booking a ticket for any sauna session, you're buying entrance to the sauna. In the case of a cancellation or last minute changes you will not be entitled to a refund.

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