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Concert: Czeslaw Mozil


Czeslaw Spiewa Solo Act “ Conffesion of an emigrant”

Idea concerts Czesław Sings Solo Act was born 15 years ago, when the obscure wider Czesław Mozil played and sang wherever possible. Travelling in small towns commonly called "Polish Class B" aimed at popularizing the music Polish-Danish team Czesław Sings and show Czesław Mozil wider audience as an alternative musician.

Perverse, bitter-sweet and very funny story about patriotism, immigration and homeland, as well as the daily life of the popular artist. What does it mean to be successful in Poland? How to sit an unused substitute and still score goals? Is being an alternative artist gives popularity among the hooligans? Czesław Sings Solo Act is a combination of monodrama, standdrop and a concert of one of the most popular contemporary artists - Czesław Mozil. Poland seen from the perspective of a double emigrant living between Denmark and Polish, loving absurdities of both countries and looking at everything with humor. Stories Czesław life, narrated by biggest hits played live Czesław.

Sung. Funny. Touching. Extremely date.

Venue: Langhuset
Doors: 8.30pm
Concert: 9pm

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Czesław Mozil (born on April 12, 1979 in Zabrze) is a Polish singer and musician (mostly using the accordion), and graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Mozil moved to Denmark when he was 5, returning to Poland at the age of 28. He makes hard-to-classify music, with pieces of cabaret, rock, and even punk rock.

In 2007 he played live with the Polish band Hey during their MTV Unplugged show. Czesław is a judge on the talent show X-Factor (Poland). His name was included in the winning final question on Polish version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? We was also given voice for snowman “Olaf” in polish version of Disney’s Frozen movie.

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