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SALT art & music #16 (23.07)


This summer, SALT transforms into a cultural village where music, comedy, dance and outdoor cinema fill long, bright evenings by the fjord. Tickets provide entry for the entire day, and you can also visit our cafe and food stalls, with outdoor seating available.

Today's schedule offers:
12.00, 15.00, 18.00, 21.00: Sauna Session in Skroget (separate tickets)
17.00-20.00: Bryggedans med Havsorkesteret (Pynten)
17.00-21.00: Earthpreneurs 2019 (separate tickets)
20.00-23.00: DJ Maikelzito (Pynten)
22.00-23.00: Temporary (Langhuset) 
23.00-00.00: Høytlesning for voksne med Kaptein Lars (Pynten)

For more information about our program and food stalls, check out

Tickets: : 
Kl. 11.00 – 19.00: Free
Kl. 19.00 – 21.00: 75,- 
Kl. 21.00 – 23.00: 125,- 
Kl. 23.00 – 02.00: 175,-

Day passes are free to all who arrive before 19.00, and events at Naustet and Pynten are always free unless otherwise stated.

Tickets are available in advance for 125 NOK, and allow fast track access to avoid standing in line.

Access to the sauna requires a separate ticket, but a day pass is included in the price. Book sauna tickets here:

ID: 20 years (after 7PM)
Pre-sales close at 9PM, but tickets are available at the door. Tickets are non-refundable.

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Sauna Session in Skroget (separate tickets)
Welcome to Sauna Session in our new sauna Skroget! The bathing ritual has been an important part of the Nordic way of life for a long time. Our sauna has a pleasant temperature of around 70-80°C. Outside, you can enjoy a 7000 litre aquavit barrel that is converted to a sauna of 80-90°C and two cold baths as well as a shower. Wardrobes are right outside Árdna.

Bryggedans med Havsorkesteret (Pynten)
Havsorkesteret byr opp til dans med Marius Løkse. Slapp av på kaikanten til deilig musikk.

Earthpreneurs 2019 (separate tickets)
Are you tired of conferences with a lot of talks and no action? If so - save the date for the most engaging event in Oslo!

You will see how youth are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. From the 12 503 applicants to YSI's Innovation Program, 27 people were selected and they will pitch their startups for the first time publicly. There will also be activity rooms where companies and organizations will share how they are working to address the SDGs. You will learn through fun activities and participation.

Club Árdna (Árdna)
We invite you and some of Oslo’s best DJs to hot and steaming summer nights in Árdna! The whole area around Árdna turns into a dance floor, and if you’re not in the mood for dancing you can always chill out in Árdna with a view of the opera and Oslo’s skyline. If you’re feeling extra steamy - buy a ticket for Skroget sauna!

Temporary (Langhuset) 
Temporary is Jonas Utseth Peitersen and Mikael Øgaard and they released their first EP in May 2017. Four out of five songs were recommended and got several radio plays on NRK P3 and P1. Their music have also been used in the NRK series "Unge Lovende".

With packed venues at Trondheim Calling (2017 and 2019), UKA 2017, Molde Jazz festival 2017 and the Øya festival club day (2017 and 2018), the duo has build an ecstatic and atmospheric live show where they switch between duo and band on stage. 

Høytlesning for voksne med Kaptein Lars
Kaptein Lars popper plutselig innom med sine gode historier til høytlesning for voksne.