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SALT art & music #15 (17.08)


This summer, SALT transforms into a cultural village where music, comedy, dance and outdoor cinema fill long, bright evenings by the fjord. Tickets provide entry for the entire day, and you can also visit our cafe and food stalls, with outdoor seating available.

Today's schedule offers:
11.00-17.00: For kids: Virvar 2019 (separate ticket)
12.00-00.00: Sauna session in Skroget (separate ticket)
16.00-19.00: MUD Session Oslo (Pynten)
20.00-23.00: Dj Maikelzito (Pynten)
20.00-21.00: Jez_ebel (Langhuset)
21.00-00.00: Outdoor cinema: Pulp Fiction (Pyramiden)
00.00-01.00: Midnattskonsert med Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra (Árdna)

For more information about our program and food stalls, check out

You'll need a separate ticket for Virvar 2019 and sauna session. Find tickets for the concert with Jez_ebel in Bazaar and the midnight concert with Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra here.

ID: 20 years (after 7PM)

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