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SALT Kortfilmprogram


Kortfilmprogrammet på SALT tar oss med på gjenkjennelige, urovekkende, humoristiske, forunderlige, skremmende og vakre reiser i indre og ytre landskap. Vi kommer på innsiden av en hval, på innsiden av ADHD og inn i en bunker. Vi tas med ut i skogen, ved sjøen, i byen, i spenningen mellom by og land, i spenningen mellom mennesker, natur og miljø. Filmene vises under åpen himmel - under samme himmel som de fantastiske bildene tar oss med til.

Program lørdag:
Retrett (Regi: Tonje Søimer Guttormsen)
B - The second letter (Regi: Mai Hofstad Gunnes)
Everything becomes so much more (Regi: Sille Storihle)
Stam nätet (Regi: Clara Bodèn)

Program søndag:
Åpne og se (Regi: Camilla Figenschou)
Skogen (Regi: Magnus Mork)
Bunker (Regi: Vibeke Heide)
Kjøtt og blod (Regi: Vibeke Heide)

Dørene åpner kl. 20.00 og første visning starter ca. kl. 20.15 begge dager.
Hvor: Pyramiden
Gratis inngang


The short film program at SALT takes us on recognizable, disturbing, humorous, strange, frightening and beautiful journeys into inner and outer landscapes. We're going to the inside of a whale, the inside of ADHD and into a bunker. We're brought out into the forest, to the sea, to the city, between city and country, between people, nature and the environment. The films are shown under the open sky - the same sky as the fantastic films brings us to.

Program Saturday:
Retrett (Regi: Tonje Søimer Guttormsen)
B - The second letter (Regi: Mai Hofstad Gunnes)
Everything becomes so much more (Regi: Sille Storihle)
Stam nätet (Regi: Clara Bodèn)

Program Sunday:
Åpne og se (Regi: Camilla Figenschou)
Skogen (The forest) (Regi: Magnus Mork)
Bunker (Regi: Vibeke Heide)
Kjøtt og blod (Meat and blood) (Regi: Vibeke Heide)

Doors open at 8PM both days. First screening at 8.15pm.
Free entrance.


RETRETT - Regi Itonje Søimer Guttormsen (30 min)
The roving Gritt (Birgitte Larsen) fights the exhausting battle of establishing her ideas into practice as autodidact performance artist arriving the capital of self-acclaimed winners of the world lottery. We follow her during her first weeks in Oslo, and through her philosophical but rather dissociative voice we find a person with a huge gap between her inner and outer world.
Retrett deals with alienation, dignity and courage of dreams in a poetic and humorous way, and shows a woman rarely portrayed in film.

B-THE SECOND LETTER - Regi Mai Hofstad Gunnes (22 min)
A woman is confronted with an unknown decision that leads to a change in the way she associates. She goes from an interest in the letter B as a sign for a specific person, to an obsession in building an image archive of women that all have in common their last name starts with the letter B. The film embodies the main character's association process and stages the creation of an image archive which could also exist as a parallel to an artistic practice. The film follows her association process from the subjective to the collective. A group of dancers acts as the woman's stream of association.

EVERYTHING BECOMES SO MUCH MORE - Regi Sille Storihle (20 min)
The film introduces the audience to the lives of three teenage girls living in Oslo who have all been diagnosed with ADHD. Each of the three presents their own experiences and perceptions, often recounting stories of conflict and the breaking of social conventions. As rates of ADHD in Europe continue to rise – doubling in the past decade in the case of Norway – the film touches on the sociological aspect of the diagnosis in relation to changing cultural norms and attempts to find a different, more subjective, understanding.

STAMNÄTET (THE POWER GRID) - Regi Clara Bodén (5 min)
A boy is standing near a power station in the inlands of Norrland, Sweden, by a waterfall that no longer exists.
The Power Grid, is a personal film abo¬¬ut growing up surrounded by rich natural resources; about power production, colonialism, and an awareness that grows from seeing, seeing again and questioning what surrounds you.


Å ÅPNE OG SE (TO OPEN AND SEE) - Regi Camilla Figenschou (15 min)
A group of children are taken on a trip to the beach. At one point, when they are out of the adults sight, they discover a stranded porpoise. It is dead. They open it up.

“I want to work with how nature effects the children and Anna´s state of mind. Nature has set the stage for what is to happen. A Porpoise has been washed ashore, and now its waiting, tempting them to push a boundary. The nature also represents a room. Another context with other rules than at home, or in a school, or in a city. A place where it is allowed to be dirty and eat with your hands. It seems as if the moral boundaries gradually is shifted while you are there.“

SKOGEN (THE FOREST) - Regi Magnus Mork (20 min)
A middle-aged couple is tenting in a forest. Bjørn seems more used to the setting than Lars, but they are both influenced by the nature. Surrounded by the trees they talk about existential and trivial questions in life, which also becomes questions about our unsettled relation to nature,

BUNKER - Regi Vibeke Heide (30 min)
Monika tries to revive the close relationship with her childhood friend Irene. A day-trip to an old German bunker evokes memories of humiliation and vulnerability from the past. Power-struggles from childhood appears not to have faded.

PÅ KJØTT OG BLOD (IN MEAT AND BLOOD) - Regi Vibeke Heide (9 min)
In meat and blood, portrays power, devotion, outsiders and how to get carried away by wonderful and purposeless impulses.11 years old Liv, desperately wants to hang out with her five years older cousin and his black metal friends. This is a hybrid between a short film and a music video and is accompanied by the song Tagalong by Frøkedal.

Earlier Event: September 7
Sauna session: DJ Einar Stray
Later Event: September 8
Bryggedans: Salong