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Langhuset rises 12m above the ground. The gigantic fish rack is just as adaptable as a true Northern Norwegian.

With it’s 180sqm Langhuset can accommodate everything from dinners to seminars, film screenings and concerts. The fish rack is covered by a roof and has a glass front facing the outside area, and has its own bar and stage.


350 standing
180 in cinema seating
100-120 dining


2 hours: from 7’500nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 15’000nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: by request


Árdna is a Sami term meaning “the pursuit of a hidden treasure, a secret". Every weekend, the room is used as a sauna, one of the world's largest.

The building consist of an amphitheater in the front with glass windows that overlook the Opera House and Barcode, and a foyer with it’s own bar. In the amphitheater has been lectures, concerts and film screenings, both with and without the steamy heat from the sauna ovens. In the foyer under the amphitheater there’s plenty of room for larger and smaller companies. The room is suitable for both seated and standing gatherings.


80 seated in the amphitheater
40 seated under the amphitheater


3-5 hours: from 7’500nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: from 15’000nok ex. vat
Heated sauna: by request


Among major fish racks, tents and saunas SALT offers the meeting between urban and rural, north and south, coast and land. With a mix of art and culture SALT livens up their urban surroundings.

On their 5000sqm has SALT houses festivals, markets and a sea of food trucks with food from all corners of the world. The area can be used in whole or enclosed completely or partly in for events in one or more of the area's venues. It’s possible to use the outdoor bar and set up more serving points if needed. We can also help you to customize facade branding on the racks or elsewhere on the site for your events.


1-2000 standing (in front of the pyramid stage)
800 in normal outdoor seating


By request


In the middle of the Northern Norwegian fish rarcks, we find Bazaar, a fresh and warm impulses from nomadic desert cultures in the Middle East and North Africa.

The bedouin tent is SALT’s largest venue with 450sqm. The tent's front wall is made of old windows and wood that create a warm and rustic feel towards SALT's outdoor area. Events like club nights with DJs, markets, literature festivals and seminars have been hosted in Bazaar after it was set up earlier in 2018. The tent has it’s own bar and possibilities for both dining tables, a stage or cinema seating.


500 standing
350 in cinema seating
250 dining

Floor: 12m x 15m = 180sqm
Stage floor: 2,5m x 5m = 12,5sqm


2 hours: from 7’500nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 15’000nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: by request


In the heat from the fireplace, among interior that reminds you of your grandmother's old living room, Naustet offers SALT's most intimate atmosphere.

Naustet is SALT's smallest venue, and perfect for smaller companies, meetings or small concerts. There’s a bar and access to a private sauna. Naustet is normally open for the public every day, but is available for rent on Mondays when the café is closed (mainly from October-April).


25 dining
65 in cinema seating
80 standing


2 hours: from 3’000nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 5’000nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: from 10’000nok ex. vat
Sauna: by request


SALT owns a full PA and backline that can be rented if needed. When there’s a need for additional technique, stage or staff, we’ll rent this.


Lavalier microphone: 700nok ex. vat per piece
Projector and screen: 2’000nok ex. vat
Small sound package: from 2’000nok ex. vat
Big sound package: from 5’000nok ex. vat
Technician: 600nok per hour (min. 3 hours) ex. vat
Tables and chairs: included

More info about out technique, backline and PA here (in Norwegian).

Technique rent to artistic productions are free of vat.