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If not, you can e-mail us at info(at)salted.no.


I was at salt this weekend and forgot something. How can i get it back?

Everything people leave in the saunas or elsewhere at SALT, we take to the bar in Naustet or in Árdna. You can pick it up there during our opening hours.

Can I book a table?

No, we’re afraid not. If you want to secure a table inside Naustet or somewhere outside you have to come early. We have a large seating area outside so the chances to find a table are quite good.


Is there drop-in in the sauna?

Yes, there’s drop-in in both Sauna session, Morning bath and the Naustet sauna, but you’re not guaranteed a ticket. If it’s full, then it’s full. But we do have a waiting list in case someone leaves early.

Can I buy tickets in advance for the sauna?

Yes, that’s no problem. You can buy tickets for all our saunas at salted.no/sauna.


I went to SALT to see a DJ/band during sauna session, but she/they cancelled. Can I get a refund?

No, the ticket is for entrance to the sauna. Everything else happening is an extra treat.

Can I buy tickets for upcoming saunas and events happening in the bar at SALT?

No, all tickets to coming events must be bought online at salted.no. You can only buy tickets for events happening the current day in the bar.


I’ve bought a ticket for Sauna session from 3pm to 6pm. Can I stay longer than 6pm if I want?

Yes, but then you have to buy another ticket. Between 3pm and 6pm you can come and go as you please, but if you wish to stay longer you must buy a ticket for the next time slot.

Is there an age limit in the sauna?

No, we welcome all ages, shapes and sizes, except after 6pm during Sauna Sessions, then you have to be over 18. But if you wish to bring your child remember that everyone reacts differently to heat. Drink water before and after the sauna and take many breaks if you're staying a while. You know your child best.


I wish to book the Naustet sauna but isn’t allowed to press the button for the time slot I want. Can you help?

When you can’t press the button for a time slot that means it’s sold out.

How can I become a member of salt and get discounted tickets?

Per now we only have sauna memberships and they can be bought in the bar in Árdna during the opening hours. The membership costs 800nok per year and you’ll get discounted sauna session tickets.


We want to eat at SALT, is that possible?

Yes, but we only sell waffles and baked goods in Naustet, nothing more advanced. Outside you can find different food trucks and stalls during the summer, so just order from them and eat anywhere you like! You can find info about all the food stalls here.

Can we bring our own drinks to the sauna and SALT?

No, drinks must be bought in our bars - no exceptions.


Can I book tickets for the floating sauna?

Yes, but not through us. To book those tickets you need to contact our friends at KOK (kokoslo.no) or Sørenga badstue- og helårsbadeanstalt (sbha.no).