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There are several saunas to choose from at SALT, including one of the world's larges saunas, open every weekend. Sometimes you can find DJs and music in the sauna Friday and Saturday. Sundays we chill out! 

A few times a month you can find a late night marked at SALT. We invite both local and not so local shops and artists to us to sell their crafts. 

During our Sauna Sessions in Árdna you can book a private spa treatment with MiniSPA. They offer short to medium duration spa treats, designed to make the most out of your visit to the sauna at SALT

In Langhuset we host concerts, events and art exhibitions. Sometimes you can even go clubbing there!

Under Lillehjella we host our outdoor cinemas, art exhibitions and other events.

The Arctic Pyramid is a majestic fish rack, towering like an open tunnel over the seaside promenade between the Opera house and Vippetangen. SALT fills it with art, culture and our many visitors.

Welcome to the Bazaar, a bedouin inspired tent in the heart of Oslo. At 450m2, there's plenty of space to chill out in cozy booths.








Barrel Saunas

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Friday – SUNDAY: 3PM–9PM

Árdna is one of the worlds largest saunas with a capacity of 100 people. With a temperature of 60-80°C - a perfect location for a nice and slow cook. Our Sauna Sessions sometimes also includes DJ’s, poets, lectures etc. Check our calendar or Facebook page for the full program.

We provide a fully licensed bar in Àrdna, a cocktail menu and a plethora of both sweet and salty snacks. Bring your own towel or rent one in the bar for 50,-. Wardrobes are right outside and we would appreciate it if you bring your own padlock. Padlocks can also be rented in the bar for 50,-. Bathing suits are required in the sauna and we recommend you bring your own flip-flops since the floor can be hot in Árdna.

This fall we also offer spa treatments with MiniSPA. They offer short to medium duration spa treats at a reasonable price, designed to make the most out of your visit to the sauna at SALT. Book here!

Or take the chance on drop-in.
The last chance to enter the Árdna sauna session is 8.15 p.m.

Price: NOK 195,-
Students: NOK 150,- (bring valid student ID)
Free entry for children under 7 years.
50% off for children from 7-14 years.

Our sauna members (650,-, buy membership at SALT) get 50% off on the entry price.

Book a spa treatment with MiniSPA and get 50% off on the sauna session.

All discounted tickets must be bought from the reception during opening hours for the sauna sessions, with the exception of member tickets.

Groups over 15 people must send an inquiry to info(at)salted.no.


Naustet has its own wood-burning sauna that can be rented for groups up to twelve people. This is a private sauna that can be booked for 2-hour sessions, with it’s reception at the bar in Naustet. The temperature inside the sauna is between 85–110 °C. The price is 830,- and includes up to 4 people. 195,- in addition per extra person.

Private changing room, toilet and shower. You get your own small window to the bar and it also has a private entrance to the docks and outdoor area. Swimsuits are required.

No drop-in.

Friday – SUNDAY: 3PM–9PM

Outside Árdna, there is a 7000 liter Aquavitt barrel. It’s about 100 years old, and spent it’s previous life producing Aquavit, but now it is converted to a sauna. It can reach 90-120°C easily. In the same area there are two tubs filled with cold water as well as both a hot and a cold shower. Swimsuits are required. The sauna and bathing area is included during Sauna Sessions every weekend, and usually when we host a special sauna event. The second barrel has a new electric sauna oven and can be used, but currently it’s only operating at half effect due to power limitations. Stay tuned.

Or take the chance on drop-in.





In collaboration with the The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute we are presenting Kaarina Kaikkonen's massive installation “We Are Still The Same” in the Arctic Pyramid and in collaboration with Høstutstillingen we are presenting Pøbel & Vardø Restored's project “New Chapter”, a mobile library rebuilt in a Ural-4320, Russian military truck.

You are invited to walk through Kaikkonen's tunnel of shirts and to warm up by the stove in Pøbel's modified Russian army vehicle. This is for free. This is to feel free, to touch the fabric of a shirt reminding you of someone, to scroll and smell through old Russian books. Kaikkonen and Pøbel bring the reminiscent of people's lives from distant places and times. The tattered and torn everyday objects are framing the view of a prosperous Oslo, allowing us to spend time and find our own traces.

Bring your family, your friends, your lunchbox, your books, your daydreams. Write or draw in Pøbel's guestbook, rest on the reindeer-skins in the army van after work. Extend the experience to a low trechold retreat, in the middle of Oslo, with Sauna Sessions during the weekends. 

Do touch the artworks.


“We are still the same”
Kaarina Kaikkonen (Fi) 
20. September – 

“In every shirt there is a story, because someone with a warm heart has been wearing it. All kind of people are together here, but we are still the same, we are no wiser than fish. We still act like fish, always going in a group, following each other in the same direction, like a shoal of fish. We are a part of nature, and nature is within us.” Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen 

Artist Kaarina Kaikkonen (f. 1952) has transformed sites in large scale internationally with personal garments since 1987. Hand in hand, 1200 shirts from people in Finland and Oslo are connected in the installation ‘We are still the same’ on the Arctic Pyramide Structure. Her work is presented in collaboration with The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute.

 Photo: Endre Lohne

Photo: Endre Lohne


Komafest: New Chapter - Library (2015-2018)
By Pøbel and Vardø Restored
8. SEPTEMBER – november

Komafest: New Chapter is one of 110 artworks that have been accepted this year for the State Art Exhibition, Høstutstillingen. Specifically, it's a mobile library rebuilt in a Ural-4320, Russian military truck. The building materials for which originate from 40 buildings and homes have already been or will be demolished in the small fishing village of Teriberka, Russia. This material has been made available as a result of an ongoing forced relocation process. Teriberka is a community on the coast of the Barents Sea, which has a strong historical link to Vardø via the Pomor trade. This Library is part of a larger site-specific project that has been ongoing for three years, the initial concept for which was conceived by Pøbel in 2015. It has evolved over time and is now a collaboration between Pøbel, placemakers Vardø Restored. The core of the books in the library have been salvaged from the abandoned school and supplemented with material donated by community in Teriberka. The process of building the library, has a symbolic value as a meeting point for people from Vardø and Teriberka. Both communities, as a result of privitization, are gradually losing the right and opportunity to live from local resources. This is a story with a local voice but with a global perspective. The library is the starting point for the exchange of experiences and understanding of common challenges. Teriberka is a case study and possible future scenario for what can happen to local communities around the world when traditional living and industry disappear in favor of major external and commercial interests. In other words, the library is a mobile archive of a Teriberka's history and culture that is disappearing. The processes itself of building and community engagement can help to renew an awareness and pride about local cultural heritage. A Komafest, to awaken a future confidence and momentum in the local community and hope for a new chapter.  



SALT is a nomadic art project with pyramidal constructions called “hesjer”, which are based on traditional coastal construction methods. Norway has one of the world’s longest coastlines and an ancient coastal culture where the people have fished in agreement with nature. The fishermen set up fishracks to dry the fish in the wind. Dried fish did not only give people nourishment, but also became an export article that has been significant in regards to the construction of Norway.

The pyramidal structures have been developed in collaboration with architect Sami Rintala. Árdna, The Arctic Pyramid, Langhuset and Naustet all make SALT an unique place for experiences and reflection where a diversity of people can be gathered to experience art and discuss today’s major challenges. The sea is crucial for the future of the planet. How can we ensure a sustainable sea for future generations? What can we learn from the coastal people’s ability to live with and out of nature?

SALT was first erected on Sandhornøya in Nordland in 2014. The project has since visited Bergen and is now in Oslo until 2020 when the journey continues to the north. Thus, SALT Oslo becomes a two-year festival. The program includes concerts, lectures, exhibitions, debates and family events. Throughout all seasons visitors can relax in the sauna, quench their thirst and eat tasty food from the sea.

Previous artist: Yang Fudong, BJ Nilsen, HC Gilje, Justin Bennett, Jana Winderen, Signe Lidén, Tatjana Gorbachewskaja & Katya Larina, Cecilie Jonsson, Lonnie Holley, Margrethe Pettersen and Edvine Larssen.

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“When night falls, the festival takes on an even more Norwegian earthiness. There's a bonfire, but i head to the "amphisauna” to warm up properly. I sip a beer in the prism-like oven, which can fit up to 120 people and has a huge window at the front so you can look out over the beach. With a bar at the back and deep house music pumping, it feels more like a club than a sauna”
The Guardian, SALT Sandhornøy 2014


Booking and information

Questions about SALT, booking and other requests can be sent to info(at)salted.no.

Want to book one of the saunas for a bigger group?
Email info(at)salted.no.

You can email us in Norwegian, English, Finnish and Spanish and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


SALT contact persons

Carina Fjørtoft
General Manager

Kristine Karlsen og Pernille E. Tårnes
Marketing Managers

How to get here? It’s a 5 minutes walk from Oslo Central Station. Follow the harbor promenade in direction towards Vippetangen. The closest location on GPS is Langkaia 1.




Interested in renting a space at SALT? Email us at info(at)salted.no and we’ll help you make your event or meeting happen!


Langhuset rises 12m above the ground. The gigantic fish rack is just as adaptable as a true Northern Norwegian.

With it’s 180sqm Langhuset can accommodate everything from dinners to seminars, film screenings and concerts. The fish rack is covered by a roof and has a glass front facing the outside area, and has its own bar and stage.


400 standing
200 in cinema seating
120 dining


2 hours: from 7’500nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 15’000nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: by request


Árdna is a Sami term meaning “the pursuit of a hidden treasure, a secret". Every weekend, the room is used as a sauna, one of the world's largest.

The building consist of an amphitheater in the front with glass windows that overlook the Opera House and Barcode, and a foyer with it’s own bar. In the amphitheater has been lectures, concerts and film screenings, both with and without the steamy heat from the sauna ovens. In the foyer under the amphitheater there’s plenty of room for larger and smaller companies. The room is suitable for both seated and standing gatherings.


80 seated in the amphitheater
40 seated under the amphitheater
75 standing under the amphitheater


2 hours: from 5’000nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 7’500nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: from 15’000nok ex. vat
Heated sauna: by request


Among major fish racks, tents and saunas SALT offers the meeting between urban and rural, north and south, coast and land. With a mix of art and culture SALT livens up their urban surroundings.

On their 5000sqm has SALT houses festivals, markets and a sea of food trucks with food from all corners of the world. The area can be used in whole or enclosed completely or partly in for events in one or more of the area's venues. It’s possible to use the outdoor bar and set up more serving points if needed. We can also help you to customize facade branding on the racks or elsewhere on the site for your events.


4000 standing
800 in normal outdoor seating


By request


In the middle of the Northern Norwegian fish rarcks, we find Bazaar, a fresh and warm impulses from nomadic desert cultures in the Middle East and North Africa.

The bedouin tent is SALT’s largest venue with 450sqm. The tent's front wall is made of old windows and wood that create a warm and rustic feel towards SALT's outdoor area. Events like club nights with DJs, markets, literature festivals and seminars have been hosted in Bazaar after it was set up earlier in 2018. The tent has it’s own bar and possibilities for both dining tables, a stage or cinema seating.


800 standing
400 in cinema seating
250-300 dining


2 hours: from 7’500nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 15’000nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: by request


In the heat from the fireplace, among interior that reminds you of your grandmother's old living room, Naustet offers SALT's most intimate atmosphere.

Naustet is SALT's smallest venue, and perfect for smaller companies, meetings or small concerts. There’s a bar and access to a private sauna. Naustet is normally open for the public every day, but is available for rent on Mondays. For shorter events and meetings it’s also available for rent before 12 p.m., all week.


25 dining
65 in cinema seating/standing


2 hours: from 3’000nok ex. vat
3-5 hours: from 5’000nok ex. vat
Over 5 hours: from 10’000nok ex. vat
Sauna: by request


SALT owns a full PA and backline that can be rented if needed. When there’s a need for additional technique, stage or staff, we’ll rent this.


Lavalier microphone: 600nok ex. vat per piece
Projector and screem: 2’000nok ex. vat
Sound package: from 2’000nok ex. vat
Technician: 600nok per hour (min. 3 hours) ex. vat
Tables and chairs: included

Technique rent to artistic productions are free of vat.